If your phone rings and the voice at the other end says that are from the Rockford police department, beware, it might be a scam.

Here we go again, another scam. this one could cost you. The Rockford Police Department has issued an urgent warning to area residents about a scam where someone calls you and pretends to represent the Rockford Police Department. The caller then demands money for an outstanding warrant

You might look at your caller ID on your phone and the the name and number 'may' show it is originating from the Rockford Police Department, when, in most cases, it is not. This is called 'spoofing'.

The Rockford PD says they do NOT take payments over the phone.

Citizens are reminded that the Rockford Police Department does not take payments of any kind over the phone and should not give financial information to anyone purporting to be from the Rockford Police Department. Citizens who receive phone calls from someone claiming to be from the Rockford Police Department and asking for payment by phone are encouraged to note the name and phone number from which the call is received.


If you receive such a call, and report the call to the RPD non-emergency number at 815-966-2900.



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