He seems like a decent guy that's looking for some new friends, but he has a few stipulations. Do you qualify as this man's new buddy?

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Some people go to Craiglist looking for something to buy, some look for love, and this guy is looking for "full time" friends. The picture above is not the man behind the ad but, instead, it's what I envisioned he might look like. Do you want to be his friend?

In this Craigslist ad, a Rockford-area man is looking for some pals to chum around with. Keep in mind, it's "nothing serious at the time, just friends." He seems like a cool dude, describing himself as so.

When I'm not immersed in work I like relaxing at home watching a movie, anything outdoors, concerts, festivals. Pretty open to just about anything. I try to make every day fun and sometimes do or say funny, well maybe corny, things.

He's also not picky about who applies for this potentially new friendship. Yes, you have to submit an application. One thing is for sure, he isn't looking for party-poopers.

What I'm not looking for in perspective applicants is drama, games, lying, or shallow ignorant people.

Here's a peek at the ad. You might be impressed by the complete sentences and correct spelling, unlike most Craigslist ads like this one.

Rockford Man Looking For Friends

If you're in the market for a new friend this might be your guy. And, like the last line of the ad, "Doesn't hurt to try!!"

(Having trouble viewing the ad? Click here.)


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