When you win a title like Mr. Universe or even Mr. Illinois you become a larger than life symbol of how hard work pays off. People start to look up to you and you begin to have a following, but it can all be undone in a matter of seconds. Rockford Local and former Mr. Universe, Jeffery Primm was just sentenced to 16 years in prison today for child battery as well as Domestic battery.


Back in 2015, Primm was investigated by Rockford Police detectives after a victim stood up and filed complaints that Primm had abused her and her two children as far back as 2013. Today in court Primm pled guilty and was sentenced to 16 years. He will also have mandatory supervision 4 years after he is released.

In Primm's career he has held 7 major bodybuilding titles like Mr. Universe, Mr. Illinois, Mr. World, Mr. USA and even Mr. America. He even operates a local gym here called The Primm and Proper. Its really tough when you have a local role model that achieved greatness fall from great heights to the absolute bottom.

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