Renting an inflatable always promises to be fun, but toss in some Irish flavor and a few cold beverages and now you've got a party. All this is coming to Rockford.

Craic — a good time/fun. -

Summers in Rockford may never been be the same, and it's a "first time" for the forest city.

Let me introduce to these inflatable pubs, a.k.a. O'Donnell's Inflate O'Pubs, coming to Rockford this summer. They are William David's Pub and Finn's Pub, and there is special meaning behind these chosen names. Read more here.

Actually, there are two to choose from, William David's Pub is just over 33 feet long, and 16 feet high and wide. It holds up to 65 people.

O'Donnell's Inflate O'Pub
William David's Pub / Photo provided by Ted O'Donnell

This other option, Finn's Pub, is just over 16 feet long and high, and just shy of 15 feet wide. It holds about 35 people.

O'Donnell's Inflate O'Pub
Finn's Pub / Photo provided by Ted O'Donnell

If you're really feeling frisky you can get lights, an actual bar, speakers for music, an Irish performer. The best part about these inflate O'Pubs is the free hugs are included.

These unique inflatables are likely do be a huge hit and make for some memorable parties around Rockford. Click here for everything you need or want to know about O'Donnell's Inflate O'Pubs.


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