I've realized something over the last two-plus months back in Illinois, I don't miss cable. For the first two months here I was staying at my parents' house while waiting to close and move into my house.

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I didn't want to disrupt their watching habits and I've been so busy moving in and getting settled into my own house now that I still haven't set it up and I have to be honest, I really don't miss it. I'm sure once life settles down a little bit, all the boxes are put away and its a Tuesday with nothing to do I may feel differently, but I think it might be time to cut the cord and start looking at strictly streaming services.

Which ones are worth getting though? I'm familiar with Netflix and the Hulu, Disney +, and ESPN bundle seem to be highly recommended, but what else is out there? I have a list of a few must haves:

Notre Dame Football games on NBC

Comcast SportsNet for Hawks, Bulls, & Cubs


I know it's a short list but it seems like trying to figure out how to get those three things has been the biggest headache so far. What streaming services would you recommend or do you use regularly? Let me know.




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