In the last few months our gas prices have went up because of the doubled gas tax, but its still higher than it should be. So the company GasBuddy surveyed 139 different gas stations in the area and their results say that prices in Rockford are up 25 cents from last month. when it comes to the cheapest gas prices in Rockford, $2.64 was the lowest they found. The lowest in the state was $2.52 per gallon According to

The highest prices they found in our state are $3.89 per gallon. That sounds like California prices. The national average of gas prices in the U.S. is $2.76. In the last week gas went down a few cents due to Oil's downturn. Luckily the issues with Iran have not run into our gas prices as of yet. I haven't bought an electric car yet but with these prices I'm starting to lean that way. Either that or taking up bike riding.

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