Hundreds of couples entered, three we chosen, but only one will go backstage to meet Miranda Lambert and sit front row at her concert on Saturday. Here's what happened.

Not knowing fully what to expect, three couples came to Q98.5's studio early Wednesday morning to kiss, in front of strangers, in hopes of winning the ultimate Miranda Lambert concert experience. What the couples weren't aware of were the distractions that would occur throughout the kiss-off that could break their kiss and eliminate them from the competition.

The couples were Courtney & Josh, Marnie & Jeremy, and Karen & Daniel.

They all locked lips at 7:11 AM and, as if being stared at wasn't awkward enough, would have to endure loud noises, bad smells, and physical challenges. The distractions included loud banging, an alarm, the most disgusting smell and feeling, hula hoops, body movements, and not spilling water.

Of the two married couples and soon-to-be-married couple, which would withstand the near two hour long kiss? Here's a quick recap.

Balancing on one leg for the duo of Marnie & Jeremy proved to be too difficult to continue, and the look on Karen's face when that water spilled after kissing for almost two hours almost made me cry, but they did a heck a job lasting a long as they did.

The last couple standing, Courtney & Josh, shared a quick kiss to celebrate their victory - even after locking lips for an hour and fifty-five(ish) minutes. Coincidentally, they shared a similar experience during their honeymoon in Mexico.

Q98.5 is so excited that all the couples will be going to the concert for a date night for free. Congratulations to Karen & Daniel and Marnie & Jeremy for being great sports, and to Courtney & Josh for winning it all. We can't to hear about your time with Miranda Lambert.

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