An American flag is a symbol of many things, especially for the Veterans that served our country. Now, someone has taken that symbol away. 

WIFR TV is reporting that a set of  American flags have went missing after a Veterans event that took place at Boylan High School.

Richard Bundy was a volunteer at the ribbon cutting at the high school. He has every right to be upset.

"It makes me feel angry and sad.  It's what gives us all the right to pretty much do what we please. We came back Friday to finish and noticed flags were missing. If you need a flag so bad, please just contact us. We'll get you a flag."

VetsRoll teamed up with an organization called True Patriots Care and they both were the ones who set up and provided the flags.

I also hope that this is someone who just wanted to be Patriotic and have some American spirit. But, to take American flags from an organization that does what they do for the love of this country, that angers me. I hope that the people who took the flags will bring them back.