As everyone's social calendars fill up during the holiday season, blood donations diminish at the Rock River Valley Blood Center. To combat the lower numbers of people available to donate, the blood center has removed two commonly prescribed medications from their "unable to donate list" in an attempt to open up the donation pool.

If you are taking the drugs Meloxicam, an NSAID, and/or Gabapentin, an anti-epileptic/anti-convulsant, you never used to be able to donate blood, but now you can according to a new press release from the Rock River Valley Blood Center.

RRVBC spokesperson, Jennifer Bowman recently said;

“The pool of people willing to donate blood in the US continues to diminish. Reviewing our processes and eliminating restrictions that will not impact the donor experience nor the safety of a transfusion are ways in which we may be able to increase the number of donors in the stateline area. The FDA does not require deferring donors that take these medications, so under the supervision of our Medical Director, it was deemed an appropriate measure to take.”

The Rock River Valley Blood Center urges everyone to schedule a donation appointment now to ensure the blood demands for our community may still be met during the holiday season. You are able to donate blood if:

  • You are in general good health: you have a normal temperature, blood pressure, pulse and meet the hemoglobin guidelines.
  • You are 17 years old (or 16, with Parental Consent. Click here to download consent form)
  • You weigh at least 110 pounds.
  • It has been at least 8 weeks since your last whole blood donation.