In Rockford, there is a reward offered for a missing bird.

As I drive around my neighborhood in Rockford every day, I observe many signs hung on polls and posted in yards. There are for sale signs, real estate, political, and advertising to just name a few. I will also see an occasional lost dog or cat.

This could be a first. Today, I noticed something completely different. It was a missing pet sign for a bird. Check it out for yourself.

Missing Bird Full Flier
Missing Bird Full Flier

I could not imagine having a pet getaway. You have to feel bad for them. It is hard enough to find a lost dog or cat but a pet bird would be so much more difficult. Even though it is very colorful, it is still small. Plus, it can fly away.

If you happen to see the missing bird, take a look at the picture on the flier for a description. Its name is Squeaks. It will respond to whistling and calling "come here bird." There is a reward which is a nice bonus.

I was impressed with the sign. It was covered with plastic to protect it from the outside elements. There is also a lot of details, which is nice. Hopefully, someone will see it.

I have a friend whose pet bird got out of the house and he never saw it again. Which is sad. Another buddy's family found a lost bird in their yard a couple of years ago. They could not find the owner, so they ended up adopting it.

It is strange to see their search in an old-school way like this. I would recommend an internet post somewhere on social media.

Please help if you can.

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