I was a young child in the 1980s, so I probably should feel more love and nostalgia for this decade of time than I actually do.

Don't hate me, but I HATE 80s fashion, and I freak out constantly that the fashion trends of that era are beginning to make a comeback.

I also hate most 80s music. (Again, PLEASE don't hate me, I just really don't like the synthesizer sound).

What I DIDN'T hate about the 80s were the games, movies, and shows, and this Retro Airbnb in Rockford is the perfect place to relive all those memories.

Take It Back to the 80s at This Sweet Retro Airbnb in Illinois

Did you know this gem was hiding amongst the apartments in Downtown Rockford?!? If you're looking for a reason to take a quick getaway, just save the gas money and spend the night in this totally rad Airbnb. Get booking and location information, here.

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This is QUITE the game selection.

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