"Blue Bells, Cockleshells, easy ivy over....." Remember that old jump rope song?

Jump ropes aren't just for kids. Last night I switched up my workout routine and added jump roping to it.

Wow! I forgot how much cardio is involved in jump roping. I hope my neighbors didn't think I looked to strange doing in on my patio but I can't indoors. My ceilings are too low in the basement and there isn't enough space to do it in the living room with out hitting the ceiling fan.

If you're worried about packing on pounds over this holiday weekend why not add some jump roping into your day. Heck! You can get the kids involved. They won't know you're doing it for exercise, unless you say that dreaded word. Don't say it!

Also, if your interested in how you can blast off fat in a relatively easy way. Look at this workout from Fitness Magazine. Just 10 minutes jump roping a day and you can be healthier and slimmer.