If paying for street parking in Rockford would help the city's budget, would you be okay with it? The answer should be "yes." Paying for parking in a downtown like Rockford's isn't new, it's everywhere. So, when could it happen and will there be ugly meters?

The city council won't vote on downtown parking fees until early 2019, according to WREX. And, as of now, some city leaders are for it and others are against it. One alderman fears it will discourage people from dining and shopping in downtown, I disagree. Street parking (or paid parking in general) when we go to places like Lake Geneva or even Chicago, it's part of the process.

I wouldn't lose sleep over the eyesores of parking meters throughout downtown, either. WREX reports the city would likely use pay stations or an app-based way to pay. Regardless of how the fees are collected paying for parking is better than raising taxes. That's just my opinion.


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