Behold, the food truck. 15 years ago people just weren't that excited about them. Some construction workers used to dub them as " The Roach Coach". But back then, all you could get were tasteless premade burgers and questionable burrito's. Now here we are in 2019. Food trucks are a huge thing now and real chef's are starting to get into the business now. You can now get high quality foods from one of these trucks. From BBQ to Ribeye sandwiches and everything in between, you can find basically whatever you want from these restaurants on wheels and the masses are starting to notice.

A little over a month ago, The organization 'RAMP' a company that runs a center in Rockford for Independent living decided to kick off Food Truck Thursdays. Every Thursday from now until August 29th, food trucks get together across from the Millennium Fountain. You can buy food from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Since the beginning, Veebo's Pizza and Coley's Cooler have been regulars but the organizers are trying to freshen things up by bringing in more Food trucks. One of the new trucks is Plantastic, a vegan food truck.

RAMP development associate Brooke Schrieber said, " we're just getting started so the more food trucks, the merrier. It brings in more people, so we're always happy to invite everyone". I personally love food trucks and events like this because there are many different things to choose from, and if you have a family you already know how tough it is to decided on one place for dinner that everyone likes.

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