Well, it looks like we have rain in the forecast every day this week through Sunday. Oh, goodie. Looks like we will need some ideas to keep us, and the kids, entertained.

Alexey Klementiev, ThinkStock

Most of the lists I found during my search for rainy day activity ideas were quite lame. Some of the things suggested were to write a story, deep condition your hair, write a recipe book, or take a walk in the rain. No, thank you.  Don't get me wrong, some of these things can be very relaxing, but they do nothing to keep the kiddos entertained and they just make me want to take a big ol' nap. We could get all our Spring cleaning done, but that's no fun either.

Some more exciting suggestions I found were to bake in the kitchen with the kids, organize your own film festival, (puts a little spin on just sitting and watching TV all day), or fun indoor craft projects.

Here are few things I found to cover those fun suggestions:

What does your family do for fun on a rainy day? It's gonna be a long soggy week, and we can only take a nap for so long. It's look like the Farmers' Almanac predictions I found back in February for this Spring may be right, again.

Stay dry my friends!