Governor Jb Pritzker hasn't been in office long but the changes are already coming. According to, Pritzker assured that certain union employees that have not received raises since 2015 due to Bruce Rauner freezing the automatic pay increase will officially get more on their paycheck. But he did say that they will not get any back pay.

The amount of what this pay increase will cost tax payers is still unknown at this point. it hasn't even been stated how this is actually going paid for. The administration was asked if the raise would only be for state employees who are union members or for all state workers but as of now there has been no response.

What Jb Pritzker has stated is that "this is a different kind of administration and we're focused on lifting up working families". Union leaders have praised his action to try to lift up the middle class. His office has also stated that the law he signed promotes racial and gender diversity in companies with state contracts. I will say that I am all for the Middle class getting a pay increase. If you've ever lived paycheck to paycheck then you can definitely relate.

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