Heads up. President Barack Obama is flying back to Illinois and is planning on attending a get-out-the-vote in Chicago's South Side this Sunday supporting Gov. Pat Quinn. No matter what your political views are, traffic will be an issue this weekend. 
According to The Chicago Tribune, Quinn's campaign reached out city officials and asked about distributing tickets for the event. Apparently, a venue has not been chosen yet, but officials were most interested in an indoor location on the South Side due to weather concerns.

Early voting starts in Illinois next Monday.

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First lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and former first lady and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton are working for Illinois candidates leading up to the Nov. 4 election. Biden plans to visit Chicago Oct. 22 to campaign for Quinn, who is in a hard-fought contest against Republican challenger Bruce Rauner.

Later in the evening, President Obama will attend a $10,000-a-seat Democratic National Committee fundraiser on Monday in Lincoln Park, according to the White House.

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$10,000 a plate? My guys it's not a hamburger and hotdog tail gate party to watch The Chicago Bears play.