Sure, we all hate potholes, It seems that so many have popped up around Rockford in the last few weeks. Some are pretty bad but there's a couple out there that will make you lose a tire. According to, a young woman named Victoria got a phone call about how sick her mother was so she hopped into the car and headed to Illinois coming from Georgia.  Victoria's mother was a cancer survivor and she was also dealing with COPD. While on her trip she was driving up I-24 in Nashville and she hit a pothole near exit 31.

She had a feeling after she hit the pothole that she was going to get a flat. Sure enough, a few minutes later she had 2 flats and got stuck on the side of the road. Victoria's insurance company and nearby officers tried to find a rental car for her but came up empty-handed. Victoria waited for the repairs and slept in her car, but before she got back on the road, she received a call stating that her mother had passed away. Victoria said "I just wish I got to say goodbye to her. That's gonna hurt me forever".

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