A couple of days ago, Portillo's released a video condoning a much despised hot dog topping, and now the video is gone.

According to Chicagoist, the now removed video used, "the power of math to point out that there are 128 possible topping combinations on a Chicago hot dog, also says (and we gasped when we heard this) 'While ketchup doesn't come standard, we'll add it if you like.' Note that it does not say 'but we'll make fun of you,' 'but we'll throw it at your face,' or 'and if you ask, you're not a real Chicagoan.'"

So why the removal of the video? At the moment there has been no real reason or statement from the popular restaurant.

Scott Olson, Getty Images

Timeout says "At least the video's conclusion make it clear that Portillo's is just listening to its customers' demands, stating, "...we know the very best way to make a hot dog is to make it just the way you like it." Thank you, Portillo's."

Maybe it was a change of heart. Maybe Portillo's realized sometimes the customer IS wrong.

While Rockford isn't Chicago I presume that hot dogs are eaten in a very similar way. Meaning that Rockfordians (including myself) don't put ketchup on the dog.

Just in case you need some help figuring out the right way to enjoy a hot dog there is an eight-year-old video that gives you proper etiquette.