An Illinois State Police Crime Lab analysis of a powdery material found inside a balloon in the hallway at Jefferson High School shows the substance was not heroin. The Lab reports that the substance in fact had no traces of any controlled substance.

A student at Jefferson High School located a the balloon on January 16 in a hallway outside of the gymnasium. A Rockford Police School Resource Officer recovered the substance and later field tested it with a standardized test kit. The test produced a positive result for the probable presence of heroin.

Don Bayley, ThinkStock

According to a press release, it is not uncommon for the field test kits to produce a false positive result on the probable presence of a controlled substance. Because of this, all suspected controlled substances are forensically analyzed by the Illinois State Police Crime Lab for a factual report on the chemical makeup of the substance.

There's no word as to what exactly the substance turned out to be.