This summer has been the most perfect summer in my book. Not too hot, not too cold, but just perfect.

We've had so many great nights just to sit on our decks, patios or porches just to enjoy it. As much as I like to have alone time to do this, it's also nice to spend time with my friends too.

Last night I had a "Girls' Night" with a few friends. Basically, we sat out on the patio, talked enjoyed a few drinks, ate pizza and listened to music. It was nothing fancy but it was just perfect in my opinion.

Before these days slip away, take advantage of them and plan a "Girls' Night In"!It doesn't have to be over the top and full of activity either. Don't stress over it.

In fact here's 5 great tips for a Girls' Night In I found through Pintrest.

1. Pick a Theme - If you're into theme parties pick something fun. Like have a Pajama Night.

2. Make a playlist. Nothing makes a party better than great music.

3. Watch a chick flick.

4. Make or have sampler type desserts so you can all try different sweets.

5. Make a fancy drink or have your friends bring their favorite drinks and you can all share them. Maybe buy beverages you've wanted to try but didn't want to get stuck with a whole bottle of it if you didn't like. You can all try it.

For your fancy drink why not make this tasty one (mentioned in the article) Fizzy Raspberry Cream.

My friends and I do a lot of sitting and talking and just enjoying each others company. I think my favorite times are when we're together not really doing anything.