Did you do a lot of yard work this past holiday weekend, but you still feel like your yard needs some more pizazz? These ideas may help.

My holiday weekend involved a lot of flower planting, grilling, and front porch sitting. The front porch sitting is Ella's fault. She loves to be out there in her "Jumparoo," and Mommy and Daddy are more than happy to oblige. The proof is in the picture...

Now to get to my point. All that front porch sitting made me realize I need more pretty up there. So, I have decided this is my next project: A Flower Tower.  I think I am going to add our house numbers to the bottom of it too. Doesn't this look cute?


Of course I found a few other fun projects in my search for yard pretties, check these out..

I hope you enjoy these. Now go forth and make pretties!