Recall, recall, recall, they happen all the time. Back in March, there was a massive peanut butter recall that slowed things down for Skippy fans like running through fresh tar. The recall, which you can read about here, affected about 10,000 cases of peanut butter sold in 18 states including Illinois.

A sticky situation that happened this week does not involve a recall.

Deadly Peanut Butter Prank at Midwest College
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A portion of I-57 had a very distinct smell and I wonder how residents near Rantoul, Illinois would describe it? Where did the smell come from? Pallets and pallets of burnt jars of peanut butter. Yes, you read that correctly but the question is how did it happen?

Little details were given in one of the briefest news reports I've ever read. There's a reason though, officials have not revealed what exactly happened. Maybe they felt it wasn't important or they were eating peanut butter and unable to speak clearly. (Got milk?)

Peanut Butter (with Path)
Robyn Mackenzie

The report, by WCIA, confirms a truck full of more than 40,000 pounds of peanut butter caught fire. It didn't appear to impede traffic too much however it did a number to the side of the road. Witnesses say there were charred jars of peanut butter all over the place.

There is a bit of good news in that there were no injuries reported. Also, there were no reports of peanut butter distribution problems despite the unfortunate turn of events.

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A report on the scene did get a few photos and one thing I noticed is none of the jars appear to be labeled. Weird.

[h/t WCIA]

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