I love Halloween! I love decorating the house, dressing up, passing out candy, and when the night is done, I love watching some scary movies! I'm old school though when it comes to my scary movies. I love the classics. The movies we would sneak off into my buddy's basement and watch when we were kids. I've seen them so many times now the "scare" may have gone away but it's become a tradition to watch this time of year. Here is my top 5 Halloween movies must watch list.

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Arguably the most popular scary movie of all time and with good reasoning. The possession of 12 year old Regan after playing with a Ouija board has scared people for generations. My mom didn't even want us to have one in the house. With so many iconic scenes such as the crawling down the stairs, the head spinning and the VOMIT, The Exorcist is still scary nearly 50 years later.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy....REDRUM... Here's Johnny!

Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson provided us with one of the all time classics in this 1980 horror movie about an aspiring writer taking his family to an isolated hotel in the middle of nowhere as its new offseason caretaker. His son Danny possess "the shining" which allows him to see the hotel's horrific past. Jack becomes crazy and is on a mission to kill his family, but can he do it before the snow goes away? If you haven't seen this one by now, definitely watch it the next chance you get!

Just the music alone will make you know it's Halloween. The franchise itself has had some clunkers over the years but the original one is still one of my favorites. A young boy stabs his sister and is sentenced to a mental facility, he breaks out and returns to his hometown, and begins attacking more people. Jamie Lee Curtis was exceptional in her first ever role and the ending is one we've gotten used to in scary movies,  but at the time was still terrifying. You think the killer is dead only to discover he disappeared and you may never know when he'll come back again.

Kids going to camp in the woods at an old cabin — what could go wrong? They discover a book hidden in the basement and unleash the demons inside. Plus it has Bruce Campbell as Ash! If you're a horror movie fan, you are definitely a Bruce Campbell fan. Like many of the old classics, it was remade, and legendary director Sam Raimi helped produce the new one. But he did such an amazing job directing the original that you shouldn't even bother with the remake!

George A Romero is the king of zombies. His vision and presentation of the zombie genre will never be duplicated. Something about it being in black and white  just seems to make it work. The story follows Barbara and Johnny as the go to visit their father's grave. That's when they encounter the undead monsters and through a series of events they get trapped in a Pennsylvania farmhouse with five other people. Can any of the seven make it out alive or will the zombies devour them all? Watch this classic zombie movie and find out.

Now there are many great horror movies, in fact, I could've come up with a list a lot bigger than this. I feel like this is a good starting point for someone who maybe doesn't watch that many horror movies but wants to enjoy the spirit of Halloween. Enjoy!

What's your favorite scary movie? Let me know in the comments below.

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