There's a toy sold at Walgreens that put one mom in an awkward position and when you see them you'll understand. These toys are made like those squeezable characters whose eyes and or head bulge out. My daughter loves them. This toy though; it'll never be in my house... because it weirds me out, too.

The toys are manufactured by ORB Odditeez™ and called FuzionFoodz™. They're part of the "what's inside" craze that every child wants. FuzionFoodz™ comes in a plastic wrapper. You open the wrapper and the next step is to peel off the outer layer like it's a banana or pea pod or something. This is where one mom about lost her mind. Check out her post on Facebook.

Umm, yeah. Why did anything think this would be a good idea? And, FYI, these banana-squishy phallus-looking things are sold at dollar stores, too. They're almost everywhere.

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