We are just a few hours away from the 48th Annual CMA Awards - Country Music's Biggest Night, and the debates have really started to heat up here at the radio ranch. Sure, we don't get to take home the fancy crystal award, but we do get bragging rights as the know-it-all of country music if we choose the most winners. This is something the entire Q crew prides themselves on. That, and beating Mark Charvat. He's the worst winner ever.

Here are the "official" CMA picks of the Q crew. Who do you think is the winner?

Shannon Zimmerman:


Steve Summers:

Susan Tyler:

Mark Charvat:


That's a stiff competition, but I am feeling pretty confident about my choices.

Now, for my apologies to Keith Urban. I do love you so, Keith, but I am trying to win the competition here. I had to make my selections based on my head, and not my heart. Let's hope reverse psychology works here, and the fact that I didn't pick you actually insures your win. I will gladly be a loser then. Good luck, darlin'. I'll be cheering for you. Xoxo.