The answer has finally been revealed! Rascal Flatts has finally explained why they booted Eric Church from their 2006 Tour!

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For years I've heard the story of Eric Church being kicked off of Rascal Flatts’ tour. The reason, according to Eric Church, was because he played too and too loud. However, there is more to that story! For all these years, Rascal Flatts has never told their side of the story..... until now. The reason: union labor rules and curfews.

According to an interview in Broadway’s Electric Barnyard “We asked him four times to stay to the allotted amount of time that he had to play,” explained Jay. “We sat him down in our dressing room and were like, ‘Look, we’ll put you on early so you can play longer. But please, just be off the stage because we still have to do our show. And for every minute that you go over time, especially in New York City, you’re charged thousands of dollars by the minute in labor fees. So the last time was Madison Square Garden. We said, ‘It’s really important that you get off on time.’”

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Keep in mind this happened back in 2006, but according to Rascal Flatts, not only did Eric start his show 10 minutes late that night, but he played 20 minutes over his allotted time, and that was the final straw for them. “It was kind of like a middle finger really,” said Gary.

Now we finally have the answer.