It's hard for me to put into words how grateful I am to all of our essential workers literally putting their health at risk every single day to protect us, care for us, help us during the COVID-19 outbreak.

My husband works in the medical field, and although he won't say it aloud and freak me out, I know he is worried about what he could be bringing home each day.

Simply put, our front line workers in Rockford need our support, and as much of it as possible. Local restaurants also desperately need our support too, and I absolutely LOVE what local charities Blue 815, The Greg Lindmark, Amanda Reed and Jamie Cox Foundations have started to give both groups the vital help they need.

It's called "Operation Feed the Front Line", and here's how you can help...

Operation Feed The Front Line officially began over the weekend, and as of Sunday, they were already able to purchase "hundreds and hundreds" of gift cards from local restaurants to feed essential workers in the 815.

Way to go, Rockford!!!  Let's keep the donations pouring in! You can donate directly on PayPal now by using this link.

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