If you want some time away from the kids, you might be in luck.

That's because you won't have to hop on a plane or take a massively long car ride in order to do so.

If you live in Illinois or Wisconsin, one of the best winter lodges in America is in the Dairy State.

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According to Travel & Leisure's list of the 7 Best Winter Lodges in the U.S. With Private Hot Tubs, Upscale Spas, Sleigh Rides, and More, Canoe Bay in Chetek is the place to be.

Travel & Leisure:

This beautiful lodge sits on 300 secluded acres of forest that’s full of wildlife and beautiful, spring-fed lakes. Thanks to its adult couples-only policy, every moment at this winter lodge is tranquil and relaxing. Borrow a pair of snowshoes and explore the woods before retreating to your private cottage and relaxing up in front of the fireplace or warming up in the two-person whirlpool tub.

Emma F. on Yelp had a rave review for Canoe Bay saying it's "the epitome of off the grid luxury."

However, Gina J. mentioned, "Canoe Bay doesn't even closely live up to its hype" and Nicole T. chimed in with "Canoe Bay really disappointed our expectations."

Regardless, Canoe Bay sits a 4.5 out of 5 on Yelp so while there may be some negative reviews, it appears to be the preeminent winter lodge in the midwest.

There are rooms available right now but you better bring your checkbook. The current nightly rate starts at $399.

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