Rockford has it's fair share of historical sites and spots that mean a lot to the community. One of those places is the building that was the old Maid-Rite restaurant on Auburn street. One of Rockford's hotspots for loose meat sandwiches and blueberry pies back in the day. The building has since been condemned and is scheduled for demolition this weekend according to

The building is in rough shape ad has been closed for years so I guess its time to go but a lot of people have fond memories of Maid-Rite. The City of Rockford is just trying to clean up our city the best way they can. there is talk about turning the space into a community garden, which will do a lot more for the community then just having a condemned building there. If you are craving some Maid-Rite, just take a trip to the Quad Cities as they still have a location open there.

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