At this marijuana dispensary in Rockford, waiting in long lines and a far walk to parking will be gone.

I remember waking up on New Years Day, January 1st, 2020. It was a whole different world in Illinois. Recreational marijuana was finally legalized. I have to be honest, I really never thought it would get passed. I believed the government corruption in the Land of Lincoln was going to be way too difficult to overcome.

Of course, once it went through and I thought about it, I was not surprised anymore. That is because it was all about the money. I am talking about a lot of cash. That is huge piles of green. It made the greedy politicians' mouths water. Cannabis generated $109 million in March alone. Find out more about that, HERE.

It happened so fast, I do not think the state was ready. The demand was enormous but the supply could not keep up. There were not enough dispensaries to serve the customers. They did the best they could with the situation. I think they are finally getting the chance to catch up.

Sorry, I got sidetracked for a moment. Back to opening day. I thought about taking a drive-by on that New Years Day morning to see how the kick-off went. I can not remember the exact weather but I do know it was very cold and wintery so I decided to stay on the couch that day. Later, I turned on the local news and saw a story about it. Residents waited in line freezing for several hours just for the opportunity to purchase legal weed.

Those lines would continue for many months. In fact, if you drive down Perryville Road, there is a good chance you will see one still. Plus, there is not enough parking for all the customers. They were forced to walk a few blocks away.

I was told the inside was small too. They did not have a lot of room to serve people. It was set up more like a bank than a store to shop for cannabis products. Giving it more of a serious tone than a fun enjoyable environment.

Of course, the COVID restrictions did not help out the situation at all.

Now, there is some good news and relief for the pot shoppers. The dispensary has already gotten a makeover and a much-needed expansion.

According to the Sunnyside Dispensary (Rockford) Facebook page...

According to,

"Here's what you can expect... More parking: Over 50 new parking spots added. More space: Room to roam when you get inside. More registers: Less waiting for your order."

For all the upgrade info, HERE.

All they need now is a snack shop and it would be a pothead's dream hang out.

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