So two Illinois State Troopers have lost their lives this year all because a driver was not paying attention or following Scott's Law. Under Scott's Law, you must move over if approaching any stopped police car of emergency vehicle. Obviously not many people in this state know or even care about the law, but that's all about to change according to Governor JB Pritzker showed up today in Rockford and signed new legislation that will cost you dearly if you violate the law.

The new legislation includes SB 1862 AND SB 2038, and they are all about protecting road workers, police, and first responders. The new legislation increases the penalties and fines of violating the law. Now the first violation can cost you a fine of up to $10,000. Also violating the law can lead up to one year in prison if you damage another vehicle as well as multiple years in prison if someone loses their life.

But that's not it, a Move Over Task force would be created to study the issue of Scott's Law violations which could end up costing taxpayers a lot more. In Case you don't know, here is how Scott's Law reads, when approaching an officer's vehicle with flashing lights, drivers are ordered to change lanes, slow down and proceed with caution.

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