One longtime pizza joint is piping hot after a brand new restaurant apparently tried to steal their employees.

Gerry's Pizza on East State has been a Rockford staple for over 40 years and when they noticed fliers asking their employees to come work for a new pizza place in town, they took to Facebook.

Just a few weeks ago (Lou Malnati's) approached our staff with flyers on their cars while they were working for us offering them "incentive" to start immediately (in other words quit WITHOUT notice) and work for them.

Rockford pizza joints assemble! Well, kinda.

We are guessing they have hit other locally-owned pizzerias in our community and made the same shady offer.

Besides Gerry's PIzza, there haven't been any other mentions of Lou Malnati's recruiting from other pizza places in the Rockford area.

Not a great way to represent yourself as the newcomers here in OUR town Lou Malnati's.

Is Gerry's overreacting or is Lou Malnati's up to some "shady" stuff?

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