Well in case you're not paying enough taxes already, a New bill In Illinois will make registering your vehicles cost even more. The idea for the bill is to help with road improvements throughout the state, but it will raise the gas tax to a whopping 44 cents a gallon according to ChicagoTribune.com. So now the registration fee for a standard vehicle is $98 dollars. If passed the bill would increase that to $148 dollars, an almost 50 percent increase.

But that's not it. Electric car owners registration will shoot up tremendously. Now it only costs you $17.50, if the bill passes, electric car owners will have to pay a whopping $1,000 dollars per year. I have thought about buying an electric car for a while now, but If its going to cost me an extra $1,000 dollars a year, there went all the money I thought I was going to save by buying an electric car. There's not much good news but I did find out if you have a hybrid that uses gas and electricity, then it will only cost you the regular raised rate to register it.

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