For all of you out there borrowing your friends or a family member's Netflix password, be aware. Netflix knows you're doing it and might crackdown in the not too distant future. Maybe.

A Netflix executive this week confirmed that the streaming giant is monitoring accounts that they believe are being shared. They're also looking into what they call "consumer-friendly" ways of preventing it from happening. What does that mean? No one is saying just yet. It might mean that the company is still deciding whether it's worth it to chase people down who aren't paying for their service.

Netflix already has some built-in constraints. Each account can only have one to four streams going on simultaneously, depending on what plan you're paying for. So a dozen college students could be sharing a password, but still, be limited to how many can watch at the same time.

Will Netflix put tighter restrictions on their accounts? They may take their cue from Disney. Disney Plus will have tighter restrictions than Netflix. The company is launching its streaming service in November and says that it will be implementing rules and techniques that will address password sharing and piracy. Ouch. Don't mess with the mouse!


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