Each year a list of Illinois' most dangerous cities is released shedding light on areas you'll want to use caution when visiting. The order is determined by the number of violent crimes and property crimes in cities with at least 5,000 residents. Surprisingly, Chicago did not make the top 10.


How did Chicago manage to not land in the top 10 of this list?

I wondered the same. If you read the news in Illinois there are always crime stories that occurred in Chicago. The windy city gets a bad rap but some are justified, there are areas you'll want to avoid as much as possible out of safety concerns. The Second City likely escaped this list because of the amount of crime per capita. Chicago, after all, is a big city with a monstrous population.

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Roadsnacks.net, the website that put this list together, prides itself on bringing up the bad about individual states.

The stuff about where you live that no one else has the guts to say.

Before putting the 10 Illinois cities on blast, they mention Illinois' size and cite that fact alone as why there appears to be so much crime in the state. It's a valid point considering Illinois is the sixth biggest state in the country with about 12.5 million residents.

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Of the ten most populated cities in Illinois, three landed on the list of most dangerous. Two of the three might be easy to guess if you pay attention to Illinois news or live in the area.

The Most Dangerous Cities In Illinois For 2022

10. Marion

So, not the hub of the universe. But the hub of a car-theft ring? Maybe. In a population of just 17,551 residents, Marion suffered 80 stolen cars during a year. For rural Illinois, that's a crime wave.

9. Decatur

While violence is reasonably under wraps, high burglary rates contribute to making this the number 9 most dangerous spot in Illinois.

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8. Springfield

I'm also going to guess that Abraham Lincoln would be pretty disappointed with the state of affairs in Springfield these days.

Spirit of Peoria via Facebook
Spirit of Peoria via Facebook

7. Peoria

Peoria is known for having one of the most scenic roads in the country, Grand View Drive, but with 430 car thefts occurring in 2020, we wonder how many people that got to experience it in 2020 were driving cars they actually owned.

National Park Servie
National Park Service

6. Cahokia

You probably want to invest in some good home security if you're living in Cahokia, because the village experienced the third highest burglary rate in Illinois for 2020.

5. Granite City

It's a good thing it sits so close to the river. The water could come in handy in a community with the number 4 highest rate of arsons in the state.

4. Centralia

You're not even safe at home in Centralia, seeing as the city also has the second highest rate of burglaries in Illinois.

3. Mount Vernon

Property crime also isn't so great in Mount Vernon, which has the fifth highest rate of burglaries in Illinois. Looks like the local police have their work cut out for them.

2. Danville

With all that live-action violence going on every day, it's no wonder that the Vermilion County War Museum is one of Danville's biggest attractions.

Provided Photos
Provided Photos

1. Rockford

With a robbery and five aggravated assaults happening just about every day, it's safe to say that you're not paranoid looking over your shoulder in Rockford.

This is not to say the places on the list don't have their own positive characteristics but the crime rate is of concern. You can find the break down of this list, included number of crimes, etc., here.

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