First we got the sad news that Russell Johnson from Gilligan's Island passed away today, now we get that
Dave Madden who played the part of Reuben Kincaid In 'Partridge Family' Dies At 83
You might recall Dave, he played "The Partridge Family's" grumpy, but funny band manager on the 1970s TV show passed away after a long illness at age 83. He died of congestive heart and kidney failure early this morning.

Dave Madden played the part of Reuben Kincaid on the show. He had to constantly deal with the antics of the Partridge kids, particularly Danny, played by Danny Bonaduce.

Click here for a a sample of Dave Madden on the Partridge Family:

Madden also appeared on another popular 70s TV show, "Laugh-In" and was the author of a couple books, including a book of memoirs published in 2007