Call them "traffic circles," call them "roundabouts," call them "a pain," but there may be more popping up in Rockford, soon.

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If residents in two eastside Rockford neighborhoods get their way, there may be more here in the forest city. Residents say that speeding cars are putting children at risk.

The City of Rockford is conducting a study to determine if a traffic circle will help the problem. The areas to be studied include South 2nd and Oak, 2nd and Grove, and Crosby and Highland in Rockford. The city will temporarily install orange traffic barrels in each of the intersections in an attempt to slow down cars. The city will study these intersections over the next three months and will later decide whether to install traffic

Residents in the neighborhoods argue that even though the posted speed limit is 30 mph, many cars travel at a speeds of over 50 mph