Over the weekend a new Monarch Butterfly garden was planted in an area known for former crimes in hopes of promoting peace.

Neighborhood Association, ORCHiD, along with the Rockford Park district came together on Saturday to plant a habitat garden to attract Monarch Butterflies. WREX reports that neighbors and volunteers planted bulbs and flowers in the Seminary Street and College Avenue roundabout. These plants will attract Monarch Butterflies and become a certified Monarch habitat.

The garden is planted not only to help the increase the dwindling numbers of monarchs, Illinois state butterfly, but also as a symbol of beauty in an area that has seen it's share of crimes.

According to on ORCHiD member, "this garden is just the first of many things that the group has planned to turn the negatives into positives here in Rockford."

I think that is great idea. To get the community involved in having a sense of pride in taking back their area of town and making it beautiful again.