Where to begin with this family fun? I mean, is it a parenting problem or did the son do the convincing? If someone hasn't snagged the rights to this story for a movie there's a bunch of money being left at the table. I'm not talking about the money these two stole either. I'm talking potentially big box office dollars.

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Do family members get to spend time together if they're locked up in the same place?

If we could easily find these two individuals' background records to see if any prior convictions are listed. I'm just curious if this is their first arrest. Could it be possible they just hadn't been caught anything in the past? The reason I bring it up is that I truly want to put together pieces behind who planned what.


A mother/son duo is in some serious trouble for theft and money laundering across "dozens" of counties in Illinois. They aren't alone in what is described as a theft ring. Two others, who aren't listed as family, allegedly had a hand in the $400,000 scheme.

How much trouble is the mom and son in?

Mommy dearest is being charged with conspiracy to commit theft, one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, and two counts of money laundering. The son is a little worse off at 41 counts of burglary and two counts of money laundering. Of the four involved, they have the most charges. You can find the rest of the story here.

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