First, I want to thank all of our current and former military members who served this great country. This touched me as someone who has been missing for years is finally coming home. WTVO reports that a man named George Ingram was one of 51 men who were killed when their plane crashed into a mountain back in 1952. No one has recovered the remains until now.

"He was just 23 years old, among 52 servicemen on a C-124 plane headed for Alaska.  But, when the weather turned rough, the plane struck the side of a mountain and went down.  Six days later, some of the wreckage was found, but nothing else.  For 60 years, nothing turned up and many were left to wonder."

Over 60 years later, a glacier that has been on the move which had the wreckage on it was the problem in recovering the bodies. The military was able to receive a sample of DNA from his family members. Sadly, neither his mother, father or seven brothers are with us anymore.

George will be buried tomorrow, next to his parents at the East Lawn Cemetery in Beloit. His casket will be flown into Milwaukee this afternoon and then there will be a procession which will roll down I-43 towards Beloit. Ingram will receive a full military burial and a 21 gun salute.

This is what makes the whole story sentimental. This quote is powerful and true for now and forever.

""The military has a saying, 'No man left behind', and they definitely live up to that," said city of Beloit Cemetery Coordinator Robert Porkorney."

George, we are proud of you. Thank you and may you rest in peace.