Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are essentially country music royalty. They're one of the most talented, good-looking, and personality-filled couples, and they have a solid marriage. However, just like any married couple, there are a few things they disagree on -- and Lambert is talking.

She tells Go Country 105, "There's a lot." But, the songstress admits, "He's really smart, he just says 'yes' a lot ... he just says, 'Yes you're right.'"

One of the things they (along with lots of others) argue about are movies. Shelton "loves alien movies -- like, he loves them and I don't get it," says Lambert. But, there's a silver lining in that cloud, because she admits, "In turn he will watch 'Sweet Home Alabama' every time it's on."

One of the more personal things they don't always see eye to eye on involve Lambert's love for four-legged friends. The self-proclaimed animal lover, who always seems to be rescuing more dogs or adding another horse to her repertoire, says that Shelton has a problem with something that she desperately wants. "I have six dogs and I want them all in the house and I want them all to sleep with me -- and he says no."

Perhaps the 'Boys 'Round Here' hitmaker will change his mind, and let canines cuddle with him and his gorgeous wife, but in the meantime it sounds like Lambert and Shelton handle everything in stride, including the pesky divorce rumors that just won't leave them alone.

Lambert's newest album 'Platinum' just dropped, and she's been busy performing one of the hits 'Somethin' Bad' with Carrie Underwood and traveling a lot. Her plane actually made an emergency landing a few days ago, but she explains that she and her friends on the plane were actually pretty calm.  "I guess because it's out of your control ... and maybe because we had some cocktails and were listening to 90's country," she laughs.

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