Carrie Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher, is no stranger to the spotlight, having retired from the NHL and had his time of balancing a demanding career with a marriage (to a woman with an equally daunting schedule) and family.

In a new podcast for DadTired, Fisher talks about how he's been able, along with Underwood, to make everything work—and it turns out the couple is handling things pretty much as any other non-famous family might, with a focus on togetherness and trying to stay connected.

FIsher admitted that one of his challenges in marriage (again, like most couples out there) is learning how to put one's spouse first before one's own interests. "I think marriage becomes a great mirror," he reveals. "Ny selfishness comes out in my marriage all the time."

Fisher also revealed some details of how he and Underwood juggle two children (including their infant son, Jacob) while she's on tour. "We just wanted to keep everyone together," he says. "We did rent some houses in different hub cities which made it that we weren’t in hotels all the time. But we’re on the bus a lot. Isaiah, our 4-year-old, he loves it. He boots around on his scooter and he loves seeing all the people on tour that he gets to know."

The family's normal isn't exactly a "normal" normal, as Fisher admits. "It’s different, but it’s been broken up. We’ve been able to be at home a fair amount this summer and in the fall—Isaiah will be in school so we’ll kind of take him in and out. He’ll be able to be on tour a little bit".

The important thing is that the family sticks with each other: "As long as we’re together as much as we can, you just make it work."

As for Mom and Dad time? Anyone would find couple-bonding time to be a challenge with young children—let alone Underwood's hectic schedule. However, the pair try as hard as they can in this arena too. "I would say our marriage has gotten better since kids," Fisher claims. "I love seeing my wife as a mom. I didn’t see some of this stuff when she wasn’t a mom. Now It’s like, it’s crazy! And I love that.

"But there is times where ...there’s so many people around us, sometimes there’s just not a lot of us together.I think one of the big strengths of our marriage is the trust that we have. She knows, and I know that, regardless, we’re in this together."

Fisher notes that sometimes he and Underwood can go a month or two without a "really good date night," but that he recognizes the need to carve out time to connect and communicate. "That’s one of things I think I need to improve upon, communicating really well with my wife. My dad was kind of a strong silent type, and I have some of that in me, If you get me talking about hunting, fishing or faith, I can talk a while," he laughs.

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