Finally, I have evidence to back up my stance on saying no to on-line dating.

Studies show that it's best to meet the old fashioned way, through friends.

Can I get an Amen!?

I think I just hear a collective sigh from all of us singles.

You have no idea how many conversations and constant badgering I've gotten from my family over being single and doing the on-line dating thing.

I'm not saying those sites aren't any good, but I don't like them. I feel like it's another job looking through all those profiles. Heck, even filing out some of those sites profiles is enough to deter me.

However, a study through has shown that 4 out of 10 people meet their significant other the old fashioned way. It's through your friends.

Really. Ok friends of mine you better get to work. Haha!

Now for those doing the on-line thing you might be surprised to know that finding that person for you isn't number two on the list but rather farther down the line at number four, right behind meeting someone at work. Wow!

FINALLY I have proof to back me up when saying no to on-line dating! Hallelujah!