If you love McDonald's McRib Sandwich well there's a mix of good and bad news.

The good news is that it's coming back this fall. The bad news is it will be at some McDonald's locations, not all of them.

ABC7 Chicago, reports that the barbecue sauce laden sandwich will be coming back to about half of the McDonald's locations nation wide for a limited time. The fast food giant however is leaving it up to the individual restaurants to decide if they will serve the McRib.

If you're a lover of these sandwiches then have your eyes peeled to get your fill of them here in the stateline area. Better yet, you may want to urge your friends and family to fill up the suggestion boxes at your favorite McD's location urging them to sell the limited time only sandwich this fall.

As for me, I liked the McRib when it first came out but now... not so much. They don't taste the same. The only thing good on them, I think, are the pickles. I love McDonald's pickles. There's just something about them I like. However, I'm not spending money on a sandwich just for the pickles though. That's a waste.

Hmmm...I wonder if I could order pickles at McDonald's? I wonder if they'd give them to me? Something to ponder in trying. Haha!