Remember McDonald's old slogans "What you want is what your get"?

Or "We cook it all for you"?

Very soon we may be able to  get what we want and they'll cook it all for us with the "Create your Own Taste" option.

Think about this. How would you like to top off your Big Mac with McNuggets or slather  Big Mac's "Special Sauce" on your Cheese Burger? Those thoughts really aren't so far fetched.

USA Today reported that McDonald's is in a testing phase of setting up kiosks where you can literally build your burger or favorite sandwich. Complete with choosing what type of bun or cheese you want on it right down to all the other condiments.

The down side to this is that instead of paying $5 for your value meal and fries you will be paying a little more for building your own burger. The customized burger option with fries and a drink will cost about $8.29. Also, it will take between 4 to 7 minutes longer in receiving your food because they are customized.

Kind of an interesting option don't you think?

You really could say "McDonald's, I'm Lovin' it!"