Feeling uninspired today? Creative juices just not flowing yet? Maybe you need to take a lead from this guy.

Apparently Coca-Cola is sweet for many different reasons these days.

By now I am sure you have seen this awesome baby announcement which I have a love/hate relationship with. I love it because it is insanely cute and clever. I hate it because I am jealous. Why couldn't they have had this product campaign going when we announced we were expecting? Dang!


I guess a man by the name of Donnie McGilvray found this video pretty awesome too. What's the saying? First comes love, then comes marriage...

Check this out : Man asks woman to pop a top, while he pops a question.

Nicely done, Donnie. Ladies, what do you think? Sweet and clever, or lame and corny?

Just think how many Coke bottles he had to go through to find the names he needed.