Look at these tasty drinks! I can't wait to try some of these for my next "Girls' Night In".

Typically my friends and I will have the standards: pop, iced tea, beer, wine coolers. If we want to get real fancy we'll make UV Blue with Lemonade.

But now I want to make these awesome "Girls' Night In Drinks"!

Just the names sound tasty or very interesting.

1. Tropical Dream - Want to feel like you on a island even if your feet are in a kiddie pool. This is the drink to make you feel that may.

2. Beer Margaritas - Combine your favorites Beer and Margaritas. Need I say more?

3. The Big Booty Shake - Milk, chocolate ice cream and Southern Comfort. It's a drink and a dessert all in one!

4. The Angel Food Cake - A fun shot.

5. Caramel Coffee Cocktail - This looks like a fun coffee drink to have after a fabulous meal.

6. Strawberry Dreamsicle - It's like having your creamy popsicle in your drink.

7. Vanilla Coke - A low calorie drink (85 calories) that kicks your Coke up a notch and is super easy to make.

8. Mojito Fresco - Another low calorie (95 calories) yet tasty homemade Mojito.

9. Grand Sour - It's a little Sweet and Sour with a citrus twist to it.

Here's the link with the recipes to each of these drinks.

So make these up and see your Girls' Night In become even better.