Just when gas prices dipped below $3.00 a gallon and you thought it was safe for you to return to the pump, a potential supply problem looms for Rockford area gas stations.

Gas stations in Rockford are running on "E" due to a major supply problem. WIFR-TV is reporting that local gas stations are scrambling for gas. In fact several grades of gasoline is presently out of stock.

Many of the area Mobil gas stations in Rockford, Rochelle, and Madison are affected. Kelly Williamson President John Griffin told WIFR that gas stations around town are experiencing shortages. He said the reason was because of massive logistical problems that local gas suppliers are dealing with.

Local suppliers aren't getting their product meaning places like Buckeye Partners, a gas supplier on South Meridian Road have no gas to give local stations. According to Griffin, suppliers don't have gas to fill up the tankers that go around and fill up Rockford area gas stations.

Several local Mobil gas stations are either running out of gas and some are already out of certain grades of fuel

The supply problem is not is not exclusive to Mobil stations. All Rockford area gas stations are scrambling to get gas to serve customers.

Whether we will see a price increase locally as a result of this supply shortage, remains to be seen. Keep in mind that local tanker drivers have to travel much further to get gas supplies than they normally would. In fact, some travel as far as Des Plaines to haul the gas back to the Rockford Area.

Don't panic! It is recommended that you fill up your tank only when you need to. If everyone does that, Griffin says we may be able to ride this out without the situation getting worse.