College football fans will hear a whole lot more from Luke Combs this fall. On Monday (July 19), the singer revealed his new hype song for Southeastern Conference (SEC) Football, a previously unreleased song called "South on Ya."

Set across a montage of football games, which includes clips of every team in the SEC, Combs' new song is a pump-up anthem for game day that cautions any team playing football against a Southern state to bring their A-game.

"Way down where the sun shines hotter / Dawgs on the porch, Gators in the water / Way down, down in Alabama / Muddy Mississippi, swampy Louisiana...." Combs sings, paying tribute to each of the states represented by the 14 teams in the conference.

"Got a little dirt road dust runnin' through our blood / From a never-heard-of-it hometown / Got a can't-quit heart and some take-it-too-far / And a whole lot of never-back-down," he continues in the song's anthemic chorus. "'Cause we're no doubt gonna put a little south on ya ..."

The video montage — posted on Combs' Instagram — pans to an image of a barn in the middle of a field, with "SEC Football" painted along the side. According to its website, SEC Football is scheduled to begin its season the weekend of Sept. 4.

While "South on Ya" might be Combs' first contribution to SEC football, it's certainly not the first new music he's released in recent weeks: In fact, the singer's fans have gotten a steady diet of new songs from him lately — most recently, he shared unreleased songs "Five Leaf Clover," "Good Old Days" and "Joe."

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